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Hello WordPress!

Finally, I recreate a new blog. I love Blogger but I think I can do a lot more with WordPress.


I bought myself a domain hosting plan as well, just need a few days time to verify it.
Thank you VioletLeBeaux for guiding me in Hostgator and WordPress.
Love you dear! <333


Okay, so what about my old blogs? I cant really do much bout it eventho I really wanted to retrieved back http://merrinette.blogspot.com. Sad case for me.
If you would like to read my old blogs, do check the links under About section.


I will blog about February Lolita outing that I promised in my previous blog soon. My new laptop doesnt has Photoshop installed yet. So yeah, I need to edit em on my Acer problematic laptop before its sickness attacks.


For now, I’m working on my Project Cosette. I hope I manage to get things nicely done T^T Ah well, there’s always first time for everything. Hehe.


Getting ready for surgery
Mango-Cosette getting ready for her incoming surgery.


My baby Riko is gonna have her own surgery as well!


Opening her head was a pain T_T I wanna change her hair but it would be hard to sew weft on the scalp and there’s no such small wig for her! I’m waiting for her eyes to arrive for the time being 🙂



And please be patient with me since I’m very new in WordPress. I need some time to learn T_T


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